The People Of The Book With The Program Of Creation

Laitman_137Question: The Jewish people are called the people of the book. What does it mean?

Answer: The people of the book, that is, the Jewish people, are a group of people, who joined the forefather Abraham, who consists of representatives of all seventy nations that lived in ancient Babylon at that time.

Over time, this group was able to unite according to the law of mutual guarantee and to became a nation, as it is written about the giving of the Torah, “Today you have become My people.”

Since the Jews received all the spiritual heritage through the book of Torah that was written by Moses, they are called the people of the book. This is the same group that was wandering in the desert for forty years. During this time Moses wrote the Torah thanks to the fact that they all worked with each other in unity and love for their neighbor, and thus reached the upper world.

The book of Torah is the program of creation describing the process that we need to undergo so that a person develops to the degree of the Creator and reveals the upper force in the unlimited form, which is called adhesion with it. All this we need to implement here, while living in this world.

Question: Why did the Kabbalists write books, as if the Torah of Moses is not enough?

Answer: The rest of the Kabbalists after Moses added their commentaries to the Torah because each soul has its own special perception. Besides, every succeeding generation after the generation of the desert became increasingly worse; its egoism was increasingly revealed and developed, and therefore they could add revelations. After all, the larger the egoism, the more you can delve into the upper world.
From the Virtual Lesson “The Time of Kabbalah” 6/13/17

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