The Basis Of The Future Society, Part 1

laitman_934Question: Kabbalah says that there is one force in nature that can change our whole life for the better and make us happy, but it is possible to attract this force only by working together in a special group. What is a group from Kabbalah’s perspective?

Answer: The concept of group for our world is something irrational and non-existent. Although we do hear the word “group” everywhere, Kabbalah puts a completely different meaning in this concept.

The whole reality is one integral system bound by all its parts and properties into one whole. It is just like all organs in our body are connected into one system, and so our body lives. And if this system breaks down and the body becomes ill, then the problem is not with some separate organ, but mainly because the communication between organs is broken.

Traditional medicine operates on the principle of allopathy; that is, it concentrates on the treatment of a particular organ or a small part of the body and does not take into account the rest of the body. The eye doctor does not treat ears, and the otolaryngologist specializes in ears but knows nothing about the kidneys, etc. This is the problem; we do not treat our body as a single system.

The further we advance, the more we are convinced of the incorrectness of this approach. The world becomes round and closed, and we find out that everyone is connected with each other. This is a result of our high level of development. We discover that we exist in one system and in complete interrelation with each other even when we develop in an egoistic form.

We have no choice but to look at the world from a different perspective and to begin to perceive humanity as one. If we continue to see ourselves as separate individuals, it will lead to our having very bad lives, even into breakdown and catastrophe, the signs of which are already felt today.

They say that you can reach anyone through a chain of five people. And generally we live in a world where trade, travel, communications, and industries have become transcontinental. But people are not ready for this. Each of us remains by himself, as a huge individualist who is not ready to connect with others as all systems in the modern world unite.

We also see that all objects are interrelated when we observe the universe. Advanced methods of scientific research show that the universe holds many secrets that we cannot comprehend because we do not use a common, integral approach in our study.

We cannot even imagine the quality of communication that exists between all parts of reality. By its nature, we cannot associate sound with light, health with nature. Only now are we discovering that we are dependent on what is happening on the sun and other stars and that our state and mood depend on phenomena in the universe. Gradually we will reveal this universal relationship.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/4/17

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