Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 5

laitman_929The Peak Of Human Development

Question: We know that human development very much depends on the environment. How do we build a correct connection in society so that it influences a person in the best way?

Answer: It is necessary to assemble a group of people who will work according to the method that allows them to connect above their egoism and to explain to them the laws of the society that exist in unity as one man. There they will perform exercises, when each one tries to annul himself with respect to others, or to see himself above others, or to see everyone as completely equal. We should consider unity as the peak of our desired development and imagine what we can achieve by becoming one man with one heart, with one feeling, conceding to each other in everything.

We need to assemble such groups, not from people with similar qualities, in other words, not only from energetic ones or not only from lazy ones; on the contrary, it is necessary to mix everyone together. It is desirable to have different people in the circle who complement each other in all forms.

Why is it so important? The fact is that previously we were connecting with each other “rectilinearly,” according to our inner nature. Therefore, each one was looking for the people who are closer to him in qualities, more similar and suitable, and that “speak the same language.”

However, we want to build groups where “love will cover all crimes.” There, on the contrary, the more differences between us we overcome by connecting above them despite all the inequalities and inconsistencies, the bigger opportunity we have to rise above our material nature. Then we will be able to feel what is happening on “the second floor,” meaning in our connection above natural, inner qualities and habits.

In this way, we can attain the internal system of nature where everyone is different and even opposite and no one is similar to another. And each one should remain the way he is, without bending before the society, but at the same time without ruling over it. The main thing is to find the correct connection between us so that each one would complement others without any dominance from society toward him, or from him toward society.

By reaching such fine integral connection, we really feel ourselves in the unified society as if in a family. And when all the tens will feel themselves as one, ten tens will connect into one ten, where each unit will be equal to ten. And this work will continue in this way until all of humanity becomes as one man.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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