Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 2

Laitman_182_02Modern society consists of individuals who do not want to be tied to others, or more accurately, they are unable to connect with others, while on the other hand, we understand that without connection to others, we will end up empty and unhappy.

We cannot enjoy life in solitude without a family, without children, and without real friends.

Everyone suffers from this problem of loneliness and no one knows how to solve it. A new educational system is needed for this, a powerful and broad system with specialists who understand the root of the problem and the means of resolving it.

Otherwise, the problem will progress further. No one will want to marry or have children, the use of narcotics and antidepressants will grow, and terrorism will rise because people will lose all hope for a better future.

At one time, a person was a social creature. He lived in a society and felt that he was supported by a large social network of many others. But today, we have developed so much that our egoism does not desire social interaction, making us complete individualists, and modern technological development allows us to easily live alone, spending our time in front of a TV screen, computer, or smartphone.

But ultimately, all these toys do not bring a person spiritual fulfillment, and he finds himself lonely and unhappy, feeling that he must fill himself with something. An inner emptiness remains in him. It is always possible to go on another trip to another country, but then you return and again find yourself alone.

In other words, a person understands that he needs some kind of additional fulfillment. It seems that we arrived at a red line in our development when we need to decide what to do next.

Question: If it is natural for a person to continuously become a bigger and bigger individualist, then why are we not happy to remain alone? Why do we suffer from loneliness?

Answer: Egoism develops in a straight line and makes us greater individualists, but at the same time, beginning around the 1950’s, the system began to lock into a circle and bind us into integral interdependence. The system demands kind, internal, deeper connections between us, not just to have acquaintances at work. We are obligated to fulfill our desire to be in this one system with everyone. A person does not yet understand this desire, so he finds himself developing in two different ways at the same time, linearly and circularly, while subconsciously wanting these two forms to support one another and function mutually.

A person does not understand why the world suddenly turned into a small village. He thinks that it is only the scientists, politicians, and corporations that depend on one another and that none of it is relevant for him. But, no, we see that all of nature is locked into a circle. On one side of the world, something explodes, and on the other side, we see the effects because everything depends on everything else. Nature shows us how impersonal and integrated it is.

The same degree of integration is now developing in human society, but as yet, this development does not demand integral connection from the individual. We are not yet aware of this need, but soon we will be required to acknowledge it.

Nature seeks to bring us closer to one another so strongly that soon we will not have a choice. If we want to guarantee ourselves real inner fulfillment in life, we will need to find the correct formula for connection between us.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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