Do Not Punish, But Encourage

laitman_263Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: There is no such word as “punishment” in the laws of the court, for according to their rules, the guilty ones are always the ones who gain the most.

In the future society, it is believed that proper encouragement affects a person far more than any punishment.

What does “punishment” mean? Perhaps a person did a good deed, but then found he was doing it for himself. The act itself is good, and the intention is bad. And how do we evaluate it?

For the present, we still live in the material world. And when our actions help us move to the upper world, we stop seeing the material world, our bodies, and we communicate and feel our desires only as virtual forces and properties. It all depends on which level we are talking about.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/12/17

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