How To Convey Ideas Upward?

laitman_231.01Question: Why in the Internet age is it so hard to convey the ideas of the wisdom of Kabbalah from below to the elites. They seem not to hear us; perhaps because the well-fed does not understand the hungry? Their pride does not allow them to see and understand the true meaning of life. The meaning of life is among people and for people, not in the upper circles that are detached from real life.

We have been sending distress signals for many years to save humanity, offering unique methods to educate the younger generation, but all our efforts do not sink in and change the awareness of the bureaucrats who engage only in making sure that their seats are stable. Who can help us promote this information and how?

Answer: Universal egoism brings people to complete mutual neglect in order to discover the need for it and to correct it. When this becomes clear to everyone, people will discover the wisdom of Kabbalah and will begin to use it.

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