Why Is The World Round?

laitman_746_01Question: Why are the planets and the stars round and not in the shape of a square or a triangle?

Answer: They are not totally round but close to being round because the whole universe aspires to roundness as it is an ideal mathematical and physical form in which we observe a balance between all the attributes.

On the whole, a physical form doesn’t necessarily have to be circular because its shape can be other properties.

Nature, which is the whole structure of Adam (Man), that is, a system that resembles the Creator (“Adam” in Hebrew is from the word “Domeh” – to resemble, the Creator), is in itself an absolutely perfect sphere because only in that case is the balance between all the forces revealed in our world, in our coordinates.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/14/16

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Surpassing The Teacher

laitman_597_02Question: Can a student surpass the level of his teacher?

Answer: He can. There are many such cases in history. One such example is Baal HaSulam who surpassed his teacher from Pursov, a small town near Warsaw. When Baal HaSulam realized that there was nothing more he could receive from his teacher and that his teacher was in attainment of the Creator, he left and went to Israel.

I wish everyone to surpass their teacher and to keep advancing and that you will have students who will surpass you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 10/2/16

laitman_629_3Question: Most of the time people dream about the future or are immersed in memories of the past. Should we learn to live in the here and now?

Answer: We have to live here and now! We create our future by ourselves and the past has nothing to give us. What we have experienced in the present. In every moment of the present, we need to build ourselves in the group with respect to the Creator, seeking Him within the group!

Question: If we are not responsible for anything, what is the cause and what is the effect?

Answer: We are responsible for our future, for the future of the whole general system. It was given to us so that we will balance it, so that we will bring it to a state of comprehensive balance. This is what the exit to the next dimension comes down to. We have to do it by ourselves. There are forces that help us but only to the extent that we demand this help.

Question: Not everyone becomes a Kabbalist. How can the wisdom of Kabbalah help an ordinary person?

Answer: A person either becomes a Kabbalist or follows a Kabbalist. There is no other way! Humanity will still have to use what it learns from the wisdom of Kabbalah in everyday life.

Question: I agree with the method of studying, but how can I find time to go over such a great amount of information?

Answer: You don’t need to read much. There are a couple of articles about how to work together in a group on the system of mutual cooperation, by doing so you begin to get internal feelings, which lead you to the revelation of the upper system.

Question: Why should we impact the upper system? Doesn’t it manage everything perfectly and in ultimate wisdom?

Answer: Not at all! Is the Creator perfect? I look at our world and think I wouldn’t do things this way. Is there anything worse than this world?

Question: How will I know whether the Creator enjoys or whether I am enjoying?

Answer: This has nothing to do with me. I have to bring others joy, the whole world, and then all this is naturally conveyed to Him.

Question: What should I do if I have a desire, but everything and everyone refuses to advance?

Answer: You will advance! And thus everything will be conveyed to them through you; after all, you are connected to them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/2/16

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The UN Convention Rights Of The Child Is Pointless

laitman_547_05Comment: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN General Assembly and opened for signature in November 1989. This is the most comprehensive international document for the protection of children’s rights. This convention is supposed to ensure the lives of children all over the world, but unfortunately in many places in the world children live in miserable conditions. Every year about 11 million children die before their fifth birthday and millions are hurt physically or mentally.

My Comment: No declaration can help. The UN is becoming an increasingly ineffective organization. You can declare anything, but it all depends only on people receiving the proper education. First of all, they must think about how to reach the true level of a human being and how to actually fulfill it.

But everyone in the world acts out of a need for control, and the UN, despite its assertions about its successful progress, it is really just “talking shop” for the great powers, and more recently, the Islamist extremists. The UN itself has led to the fact that no one takes them seriously.

Question: What do you think should be the rights of a child?

Answer: Adults must realize that they are responsible for the lives of young children more than for their own lives. We have to educate adults that way.

We are living in the 21st century and children’s lives are not considered of value yet. In many countries, like Syria and Lebanon, for example, minors are turned into terrorists and are sent out in front as a defensive shield. This, of course, is terrible.

Every adult must value the life of a child more than his own life, just like in a family. It is only through the right education that we can write a meaningful convention of children’s rights.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/21/16

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New Life #339 – The Desire For Freedom

New Life #339 – The Desire For Freedom
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


What stands in our way of being free? Why are we constantly chasing something, and when will we be able to attain real freedom? Even animals aspire for freedom. Man desires not to depend on anything.

Today, in the era of abundance, a person still does not feel free. He is enslaved to the impulses that emerge in him. Progress has brought us to the feeling of enslavement. This is the reason that the desire to get married and to have children is disappearing.

Life is one big rush. The question of  “Why am I running if eventually we all die?” comes up.

Drugs and antidepressants provide a sense of freedom from thinking about life, death, and the meaning of life. Freedom means breaking through the boundaries of life and death, knowing what lies ahead, and being able to touch eternity.

The aspiration to be free from death is concealed in every search a person makes in life. This is the reason that no one feels really free even when he doesn’t do anything or is on vacation. There is a feeling of discomfort.

The question about the meaning of life stems from the hidden question that is in everyone’s heart: if everything comes to an end, why should I run at all? The media blurs this internal pain.

Being free means opening new unlimited horizons and being free from the question that gnaws at me.

Terrorism and fundamentalism make a person feel that he is fighting the angel of death and that he is winning. The young generation don’t want to leave their parents’ home. The more you learn, the more pain you feel. For what…
From KabTV’s “New Life #339 – The Desire For Freedom,” 4/6/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.30.17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “Daat Baalei Baitam Hafuha Midaat Torah (The Mind of the Landlords Is Opposed to the Reason of the Torah),” Part 1 

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Lesson on the Topic: “Daat Baalei Baitam Hafuha Midaat Torah (The Mind of the Landlords Is Opposed to the Reason of the Torah),” Part 2 

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Audio Version Of The Blog – 01.29.17

Listen to an Audio Version of the Blog
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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/29/17


I hope the world will stop electing “democratically”—choosing popular figures who are unable to manage and opt for professional managers.

Following the construction of the wall , the Mexicans might send a delegation to Gaza to learn how to dig tunnels… 😉

Eventually, Mexico and the US will build the border wall together. A responsible relationship cannot be built otherwise.

Political correctness and liberalism hindered social development. The world needs more openness and less conventionality, hence Trump appeared.

Trump didn’t pop out of nowhere. The global crisis and the need to transform the social and financial relations brought him forward.

Trump rejects political correctness and violates conventions that conceal flaws and corruptions. He is hated for tearing off the masks.

The world is like a stubborn child: it’s in a crisis, but has no desire to change, and doesn’t agree with anything Trump proposes.

As egoists, first we fence off our property to define its boundaries—then we can communicate with each other amicably. Trump is right.

Bernie Sanders is worried about climate change. But it is our selfish attitudes, our egoism, that throws nature out of balance.
From Twitter, 1/29/17

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There Is No Other Method!

laitman_282_02Question: Can we say that today’s generation cannot attain spirituality without Rabash’s method?

Answer: That’s true, there is no other method today. Religion and any other method of spiritual studies no longer work and are confined to various rituals.

Comment: But there are those who may disagree with you and say that there are other methods like the method of Ramchal, the Baal Shem Tov, and others.

Answer: People can say that, but unfortunately there are no methods today for attaining spirituality. In the past Kabbalists created them through their internality and adapted them for themselves.

Baal Shem Tov taught Kabbalists, but did not actually leave anything behind. He had many students who wrote down his recommendations and developed them in different directions, and thus many streams of Hasidic Judaism emerged.

But the study method of the Baal Shem Tov is not an accurate Kabbalistic method and cannot be used today. I declare this taking full responsibility. This method is very close to Baal HaSulam because he was also among Hasidim in his days, but today it is not acceptable.

Baal Shem Tov and Ramchal were great Kabbalists, but they did not leave an accurate written method behind like Baal HaSulam and Rabash did; they collected, summed up, and prepared everything for our times and our generation.

Therefore, it is a pity to waste our time and our life in search for something else. There is no other method for us today.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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The Eternal Calendar

Laitman_045Kabbalistic books written hundreds of years ago and even thousands of years ago present tables of mutual positions of the sun, the moon, the Earth, Venus, Mars and the other planets. The Hebrew calendar, which has been used for many generations, is based on this information and does not need any corrections.

All the holidays, special astronomical dates, the beginning of the month, the eclipse of the moon, the eclipse of the sun, and the positions of the planets in relation to each other, etc. are determined and take place on the same day of the year. What is more, this was determined many years in advance.

I don’t know the exact date that the Hebrew calendar was created, but I believe that it is thousands of years old and is still working like clockwork today. It indicates precisely when, in which year, a certain holiday will be celebrated and a certain event, for example, will occur only on a Sunday or a Wednesday.

Can this calendar be changed? No, Kabbalists understand so well how the upper forces that manage our planet’s work that they created this calendar as the eternal calendar. Its uniqueness is that it is related both to the sun and the moon.

The Muslim calendar is focused only on the moon, and the Christian calendar is focused only on the sun. The Hebrew calendar is focused on both the sun and the moon because according to the wisdom of Kabbalah every motion, the whole philosophy of life, is arranged according to the middle line.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/14/16

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