Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 10/2/16

laitman_629_3Question: Most of the time people dream about the future or are immersed in memories of the past. Should we learn to live in the here and now?

Answer: We have to live here and now! We create our future by ourselves and the past has nothing to give us. What we have experienced in the present. In every moment of the present, we need to build ourselves in the group with respect to the Creator, seeking Him within the group!

Question: If we are not responsible for anything, what is the cause and what is the effect?

Answer: We are responsible for our future, for the future of the whole general system. It was given to us so that we will balance it, so that we will bring it to a state of comprehensive balance. This is what the exit to the next dimension comes down to. We have to do it by ourselves. There are forces that help us but only to the extent that we demand this help.

Question: Not everyone becomes a Kabbalist. How can the wisdom of Kabbalah help an ordinary person?

Answer: A person either becomes a Kabbalist or follows a Kabbalist. There is no other way! Humanity will still have to use what it learns from the wisdom of Kabbalah in everyday life.

Question: I agree with the method of studying, but how can I find time to go over such a great amount of information?

Answer: You don’t need to read much. There are a couple of articles about how to work together in a group on the system of mutual cooperation, by doing so you begin to get internal feelings, which lead you to the revelation of the upper system.

Question: Why should we impact the upper system? Doesn’t it manage everything perfectly and in ultimate wisdom?

Answer: Not at all! Is the Creator perfect? I look at our world and think I wouldn’t do things this way. Is there anything worse than this world?

Question: How will I know whether the Creator enjoys or whether I am enjoying?

Answer: This has nothing to do with me. I have to bring others joy, the whole world, and then all this is naturally conveyed to Him.

Question: What should I do if I have a desire, but everything and everyone refuses to advance?

Answer: You will advance! And thus everything will be conveyed to them through you; after all, you are connected to them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/2/16

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  1. The Creator is not perfect????

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