New Life #339 – The Desire For Freedom

New Life #339 – The Desire For Freedom
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


What stands in our way of being free? Why are we constantly chasing something, and when will we be able to attain real freedom? Even animals aspire for freedom. Man desires not to depend on anything.

Today, in the era of abundance, a person still does not feel free. He is enslaved to the impulses that emerge in him. Progress has brought us to the feeling of enslavement. This is the reason that the desire to get married and to have children is disappearing.

Life is one big rush. The question of  “Why am I running if eventually we all die?” comes up.

Drugs and antidepressants provide a sense of freedom from thinking about life, death, and the meaning of life. Freedom means breaking through the boundaries of life and death, knowing what lies ahead, and being able to touch eternity.

The aspiration to be free from death is concealed in every search a person makes in life. This is the reason that no one feels really free even when he doesn’t do anything or is on vacation. There is a feeling of discomfort.

The question about the meaning of life stems from the hidden question that is in everyone’s heart: if everything comes to an end, why should I run at all? The media blurs this internal pain.

Being free means opening new unlimited horizons and being free from the question that gnaws at me.

Terrorism and fundamentalism make a person feel that he is fighting the angel of death and that he is winning. The young generation don’t want to leave their parents’ home. The more you learn, the more pain you feel. For what…
From KabTV’s “New Life #339 – The Desire For Freedom,” 4/6/14

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