My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/29/17


I hope the world will stop electing “democratically”—choosing popular figures who are unable to manage and opt for professional managers.

Following the construction of the wall , the Mexicans might send a delegation to Gaza to learn how to dig tunnels… 😉

Eventually, Mexico and the US will build the border wall together. A responsible relationship cannot be built otherwise.

Political correctness and liberalism hindered social development. The world needs more openness and less conventionality, hence Trump appeared.

Trump didn’t pop out of nowhere. The global crisis and the need to transform the social and financial relations brought him forward.

Trump rejects political correctness and violates conventions that conceal flaws and corruptions. He is hated for tearing off the masks.

The world is like a stubborn child: it’s in a crisis, but has no desire to change, and doesn’t agree with anything Trump proposes.

As egoists, first we fence off our property to define its boundaries—then we can communicate with each other amicably. Trump is right.

Bernie Sanders is worried about climate change. But it is our selfish attitudes, our egoism, that throws nature out of balance.
From Twitter, 1/29/17

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