My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/26/17


The demise of the old, deceitful world will be indicated by the end of fake news and false media. This will be the birth of the new world.

The EU will fall apart, recognize the need for a new unification, undergo correction through Integral Education, and then get together again.

Jews are now almost righteous 😉 Israel improved its rank from 32 to 28 in the Global Corruption Index.

The NYSE soars and celebrates Trump’s victory, but the laws of nature will force the capitalists the address the social ramifications.

The introduction of robots can prevent offshoring, while taxes on using robots can compensate the unemployed.

Liberalism wasn’t balanced by educating the public for civic responsibility. That’s why it is failing in the US and Europe.

The secret for better relationships? Constantly seek balance between fights and reconciliations and understand your partner’s nature.

The Creator hides behind this world. He’s present in your thoughts, desires, and everything that’s happening to you. Try to discover Him! God

People today have everything they need for life, but they can’t find something worth living for.

Nothing happens accidentally or unexpectedly: the old economy is dead, and the capitalists found Trump to revive it.
From Twitter, 1/26/17

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