My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/27/17


It’s not about Trump. It’s about what he represents: a transition to a new era, a new economy and a new responsible attitude toward life.

If we want the Holocaust to never happen again, we need to understand its root cause—that Jews didn’t fulfill their historic mission.

Bioterrorism: smallpox-infected martyrs arrive at an airport. Apparently healthy, they infect everyone, as smallpox incubates for 14 days.

Germany is in panic. If the EU falls apart, it can’t rob Europe anymore, as countries will develop their economies independently.

Everything that happens is in order for us to accept it as coming from the Creator for the better—to rise above self-interest, the EGO

A crisis is both an ascent and a descent—depending on how people look at it. The collapse of the old is the birth of the new.

In Charlie Chaplin’s days, workers were looking for work. Soon, employers will look for workers, as those will happily sit on the dole.

Today is the international Holocaust Remembrance day. Let’s remember that Jews evoke hatred by not showing the world an example of unity.

Trump is not an anti-globalist. He’s an “anti-chaosist”—against social chaos—as the economy is a system that connects all of humanity.

A Jew by blood and a Catholic by faith, Madeleine Albright intends to convert to Islam. Too bad there are only three world religions.

Jan 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, but the best reminders are the anti-Semitic acts resurfacing everywhere.

The new economy will have to include positive social relationships, which will prevail in society through Integral Education.
From Twitter, 1/27/17

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