To Go Straight To The Goal

Laitman_631_3Torah, Deuteronomy 13:06: And that prophet, or that dreamer of a dream shall be put to death.

A person can’t trust any of his qualities and senses: neither thoughts nor calculations. He should annul himself to zero, adhere to the upper governance, and begin to receive everything from there.

Disclosure of the upper governance gradually enters his system and only to this extent can a  person conform to the upper force. They are ready to work with the bestowing, and then with the receiving desires.

Therefore it is written: “put to death a dreamer” in you, who will constantly instigate you to go in a different direction. You should eradicate all the qualities that lead you away from the path.

Dreamers are the basis of a person’s lack of trust in the Creator, in faith above reason. After all, all one’s thoughts, knowledge, and experience can change very rapidly to the radically opposite, to such an extent that it is hard to believe.

For example, the results of modern discoveries in quantum physics already prove that there is no time, movement, space, and so on.

Everything in this movie happens in such a way that a person in his macrocosm absolutely does not agree with the microcosm. Nevertheless, he has to agree because the frontier experiments with the microcosm obliges him to do so.

He can’t get away from these results, and, therefore, although he doesn’t understand them, he accepts them. And later he tries logically to attach his mind to it. However, he succeeds only partially and for a short period of time.

Scientists will soon reach a dead end and understand that it is impossible to advance this way further. After all, in our senses we can’t imagine events that take place outside of time and space, and are closely interconnected with each other even though they are billions of light years away from each other.

It is a terrible state when you see the whole cosmogonic picture and compare it with the earthly one: what have we done here with our little animal egoism?
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/13/16

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