American Youth Like Socialism

laitman_926_02In the News (The Washington Post):Millennials are the only age group in America in which a majority views socialism favorably. A national Reason-Rupe survey found that 53 percent of Americans under 30 have a favorable view of socialism compared with less than a third of those over 30. Moreover, Gallup has found that an astounding 69 percent of millennials say they’d be willing to vote for a ‘socialist’ candidate for president…”

Answer: It makes no difference what was written about feudalism, capitalism, socialism, or communism, eventually nature is moving according to its plan, and there is nothing we can do about that.

Socialism must gradually replace capitalism. The wisdom of Kabbalah even thousands of years ago said that capitalism  is the highest stage of egoism, which gives a person freedom to do whatever he feels like.   

Therefore, at the end of the development of capitalism, humanity will be convinced that capitalism is leading it to a dead end and that it will achieve nothing through egoism. We can destroy each other and reach a state in which one part of humanity will starve while the other part holds all the riches of the earth, but this will lead to nothing. Therefore, the need for a new, more egalitarian regime is absolutely clear.

The youth feel that. People have this feeling as a result of their internal development, not as a result of the development of society. Society is nothing by itself. It is the consequence of the development of its members. Therefore, we are developing in such a way that we are starting to feel that personal development is destroying us, and this should lead us to the realization of evil.

The next state is a state of complete integral connection between us, just the way it is in nature, which requires that we treat it as a closed integral system in which all its members are absolutely connected.

I believe the emergence of the attraction to socialism is natural. It comes from the depths of nature, and as a result, it will lead to the development of socialism. But the question is: How? And how will the young understand how to advance toward it and what exactly is to come? They need our explanations in order to do so.

True socialism is a society that wants to achieve the right egalitarian unity, in which everyone sees himself as equal to others, so that everyone has concern for everyone else, and through this, it cares for him as well.

At first it will be a reasonable egoistic society, egoistic socialism, in which every one cares about the society so that he will feel good. But egoistic socialism is only the transitory stage. When we approach it and start building it, we will begin to recognize its components, the phases of its development, and the different options for its fulfillment. And then we will also be able to insert Kabbalistic ideas.

I am for the correct socialism, introduced gradually according to society’s development, with the help of setting examples, classes, lectures, etc. So society will gradually develop to a new level.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/2/16

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