The Victims Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy descending to our world, the spiritual roots turn into their opposite forms, and egoism of our world carries out the upper commandment of love according to its understanding—it goes to kill. But decide what do you prefer: to remain in the corporeal branches or to ascend to the spiritual root?

If you want to rise, work in the group and participate in its game of mutual, brotherly love. Then you will discover that you are unable to love this way, that it is all a lie, and you will ask for correction. The force will come from Above and grant you love and the connection with others.

This connection does not exist at the level of our world, but only at the higher degree. Look at the souls, not the bodies! It is as though there is a computer screen before me on which I can see the corporeal or spiritual actions. If I see with the spiritual eyes, I see love, and if I use my material eyes, murder.

But if someone attacks and wants to kill me, it does not mean that he does it with love: He acts driven by his egoism. That’s why it is said that if someone comes to kill you, you should preempt him and kill him first. By this you correct him since he came to kill you, which means that his egoism is greater than yours. For this reason, by killing him you perform a correction, acting with a smaller egoism than the person who attacked you.

Here everything is logical and not based on blind faith. After all, I did not want to kill him; he attacked me first in order to murder me. And when it is totally evident, killing a bigger egoism with a smaller one will be a correction. This is my duty, an upper commandment: "Kill the one who comes to kill you."

There are nothing but corrections. Either they occur at the still, vegetative, and animate level while we are neither aware of nor understand them, or they are true corrections while we work with the group at the speaking level.

All murders in our world occur because egoism demands such sacrifices for its correction. But if we want, we can elevate this correction to the spiritual level. We can raise all these actions to a higher level, and then we won’t feel or see any evil in this world.

But this can occur only under the condition that we elevate the entire egoistic desire, which performs these heinous crimes, to a higher level. There, all of its actions will be beautiful, opposite to what we see today. People will suddenly begin to unite, embrace each other, and feel close.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbbalah Lesson 2/9/2011, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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