How We Turn Love Into Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If everything that exists in this world is an imprint of the spiritual world based on love, then how can there be murder in our world?

Answer: Everything comes to us from the world of Infinity, from the constant and perfect state, the complete adhesion with the Creator. But in the creature, all these perfect roots manifest in accord with its imperfection, exposing the degree of disparity between us and the upper perfection.

In the upper world, there acts a program which helps you discover yourself and realize what you need to complete so as to rise to the root. There, everything occurs in the most pure, corrected, and perfect form. But in our world, due to the difference between the degrees, the worlds, everything manifests in the opposite form.

We reveal the spiritual action, but see how non-spiritual it is according to our own dissimilarity to the upper degree. This is called: "Everyone judges according to his flaws." I see or perform certain unseemly actions because I myself am corrupted. If I correct myself, I will see that these actions are good.

But didn’t I see yesterday that people were killing each other? Today I observe how they are giving each other presents! At the root, the action remained the same, but I completed myself to the root and, hence, changed my vision. I could see how the egoistic intention got killed in the spiritual world, but instead I see how in our world, real murders occur.

The upper and the lower worlds consist of the same elements, but in the upper world, there is love between them, whereas in the lower one hatred. In the lower world, everything is inverted! Only the details remain, while all the types of connections between them change because in our world, these connections are totally broken, and we are separated by hate, rejection, and neglect. Meanwhile, in the spiritual world, we are all connected and totally committed to each other.

As you and I exist in this world, so do the spiritual you and I exist in the spiritual dimension, only in spirituality we are connected and love each other, while here we are separated and hateful. The difference between the worlds turns into the difference between the way you and I treat each other.

The upper roots establish that something has to happen between us. However, by our correction or lack thereof, we determine what will occur and how: Will we hate and kill or love and embrace each other.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbbalah Lesson 2/9/2011, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. Dear Rav Laitman,
    First I would like to express my deep gratitude for your time and energy you spend in teaching this important knowledge. Since stumbling upon KabTV my life has changed, something we can refero as addiction had been holding me back, but it was through the wisdom comming through you & the Kabbalah that I reconnected to something & found the Point of my Heart as you say to take more serious the seeking of this sound wisdom. My serious question is this In one of your question and answer videos you spoke of different type of Kabbalist, that some are unknown and remain hidden, & that this is still a required thing for these Kabbalist. Is it possible that a very ancient and deep knowledge of the Kabbalah & the upper worlds can be awoken in someone whom has no knowledge or exposure to such wisdom of these books but can easily understand all he hears as mirror reflection of his own conclusions & experiences of these upper worlds. Even to the point of being familare with the phonetics of certain names & words ? And what is your advice to this one, should he come forward now or remain hidden ?
    again thank you

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