The Obese Children Of Israel

laitman_565_01In the News (Ynet): “An upcoming report from the World Obesity Federation (WOF) has shown that over half a million Israeli children are overweight. Compared to European countries, the group in which the Jewish state is categorized, Israel is in first place for overweight persons and in second place compared with Europe and third place globally when children are included. …

“The report maps the state of children’s health in different countries and states that 28.8 percent of Israeli children under the age of 18 are overweight. The forecast for the future is worrying: The report states that within eight years, that datum is likely to jump 50 percent, and the number of obese and overweight children in the country is expected to reach 740,000, an unprecedented number by any measure. …

“Israel is in first place in the European group for obesity, with 12.6 percent of its children being considered obesity by this index. Globally, Israeli children are only behind their US counterparts, 12.9 percent of whom are obese. The European average is 7.4 percent for children. If children with BMIs of 25–30 are included, that figure increases to 23 percent of European children. …

“‘The parents need to teach their children how to behave correctly and to choose the right food amidst the jungle of advertisements for harmful food,’ concluded Dubnov-Raz. ‘Like a parent teaches their child how to act safely on a bicycle in the urban jungle—that’s how it needs to be with food. Otherwise, we’ll wake up in a few years, and we won’t understand how we got ourselves in this situation.'”

My Comment: The food products in Israel are of relatively high quality and we usually don’t indulge in high-calorie foods, but we still consume large amounts of foods.

The main reason is that we are a high-tech nation in which very few people have manual jobs where they engage in hard physical work. In fact, we are a high-tech nation in agriculture, computers, and military technologies, so it is only natural that people, including young people, sit for many hours and move very little.

How should we handle this process? We need to produce low-calorie food, and of course launch a campaign promoting participation in sports.

I believe that sports should become an integral part of our social frameworks since otherwise we will end up with a huge “army” of people who are sick and weak and have to be taken care of. It is of course better to invest a little in sports, in promoting participation in physical activities, than to invest in healing sick people. A person has to live a healthy life and die healthy.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/2/16

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