Obesity Is Invincible

laitman_565_02Question: During the last 40 years, the number of people that are suffering from obesity grew six-fold: from 105 million to 640 million! It is said that toward the year 2025 one in five will suffer from obesity. Some claim that it comes from lack of money for healthy food and others claim that it is from excess of money, people eat more. Is it possible to explain this phenomenon?

Answer: It depends on our way of life. Today few are working in a physical labor. In addition, our nutrition obviously influences our body weight, and fat is added to food to heighten its taste.

I don’t think that a special revolution will occur in the future, but the change will occur when society gradually recognizes the purpose of creation and its main interest will be in achieving the meaning of life, entering the next level of existence, breaking the link between life and death, and between life and death finding the exit point to the next dimension. When people will understand that this possibility exists, it will also lead to a change in their attitudes to nutrition and lifestyle. Humanity will loose the taste for certain types of food.

If people will seriously deal with the system in order to achieve the upper state and exit to the next world, then they will become more balanced in their corporeal lives. As a result, all the distorted, ugly, and one-sided attitudes toward food and toward all the rest will disappear. I think that restaurants and even coffee shops will continue to exist in the same form now. They will no longer be places for entertainment.

Naturally, the custom of serving mutual treats to each other will remain, but it will be just plain food.
From Kab TV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/3/16

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