Water Purification In The Gaza Strip

laitman_245_10Question: Chronic shortage of electricity has led to the damage of the water purification system in the Gaza strip. As a result of this, the Palestinians are streaming sewage into the sea, and wastewater has reached the reservoir that provides water to the settlements on the border region of the Ashkelon coast. Some ecologists are calling the situation a near ecological disaster. We cannot isolate ourselves from Gaza, not from missiles and not ecologically. What must we do?

Answer: The Turks wanted to build an electrical power station in this area, after all this is a big area with magnificent buildings, swimming pools, and beaches and one and a half million people live there. They certainly should get everything necessary.

They cannot get along on their own because they are completely directed toward war due to their hatred of Israel. Besides, by providing them with free products and resources for many years, we have gotten them used to this. On paper, everything was apparently entered under their “debt,” but they have no intention of paying so they are not doing anything.

During the time that we were involved in building water purification plants and the purification of waste water so that we provided water everywhere in the land for all the situations that can happen in life (a situation that doesn’t exist in even one of the nations in the area), they were not really concerned about their future. It is our fault because we accustomed them to this. We passed the water wells to them and everything that was used by us in the beginning of our way in the area and they neglected everything. Seawater reached all of these systems and they became filled with salt. Now it is impossible to clean them.

What will they do now? They will suffer.

What will we do? We will also suffer because it is up to us to behave differently. But instead, we are supplying them with millions of liters of bottled water.

We must conduct aggressive policies as much as possible and do everything according to different principles, at least submitting documents through international organizations, submitting lawsuits, turning to a court to seriously transfer the matter to a legal track. It is necessary to put pressure on them to examine the manner in which they manage their economy and the fact that international organizations are giving them money to arm themselves and not for humanitarian supplies.

Question: How do you see the solution of this problem?

Answer: Our salvation is in union between us.

We are continuing with our work on unity and this will yield its fruit, because it brings the Upper Light into our world. The Upper Light brings a person to an awareness and understanding of why the world exists, in what manner it develops, and what the role and mission of the Jews is.

And the world is beginning to understand more and more that we have a particular mission and a task and that it affects not only us but the whole world, so it is necessary to make it possible to be realized. Lately I have even heard reactions like these and have seen some sobering here and there.

Let’s hope that we will hold out. We need to be particularly concerned about the connection between us, about unity within the nation, and then all of our adversaries will gradually disappear.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/15/16

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