Questions About Work In The Group – 3

laitman_934Question: Can we say that by fulfilling spiritual desires of the friends in the group I am on the way of Achishena (hastening time)? And if I fulfill my desires for spirituality, is this the way of Beito (in its time)?

Answer: Beito isn’t the fulfillment of your desires, but forced advancement under the pressure of suffering.

Question: Is it possible to use simple physical exercises and outdoor games as means for connecting the group?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Kabbalistic sports competitions where winning is determined by the coherence of the team?

Answer: Perfect!

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  1. great. Unfortunately given my “friends” treatment, I can barely walk. will I go to hell? or must I crawl on the floor outside? Also they dont let me sleep a full night since monthes now, nor enjoy a full day? should I run nevertheless to please their vicious desires?

    Is it legal to use kabbalah to perform advertizing for earthly people secular cause?

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