Three Days Of The Absorbtion Of The Sperm

laitman_608_03Question: What are the “three days of the absorbption of the sperm”?

Answer: The three days are the right, left, and middle lines. For three days the drop of semen is held in the uterus, meaning that it attains a connection, a minimal point of contact between the lower Partzuf and the upper Partzuf. The lower Partzuf is basically a point since the right, middle, and left lines ultimately create one point that is adherent to the upper Partzuf, the higher system, the mother.

This process is called the “absorption of the sperm in the mother’s womb.” It means that the lower part of the upper Partzuf, which is called AHP (Awzen, Hotem, Peh – ear, nose, mouth), is connected with the upper part of the lower Partzuf called Galgalta ve Eynaim. Likewise, it is enough that only one drop from the lower Partzuf, one point, is entrenched in the upper Partzuf, which is a complete Kli, so that it will begin to work for the benefit of the drop that is held in it.

The upper Partzuf is composed of Galgalta ve Eynaim (Keter and Hochma) and AHP (Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut). The AHP is called the mother’s womb and the next lower Partzuf is only a point, since the three points, right, left, and middle, are connected together into one. This point, depending on its characteristics, is ready to nullify itself and exist within the upper Partzuf in that way. This is the drop of semen, meaning the future Ubar (embryo).

The foundations of these three points are the first three days. After that, the AHP begins to develop, meaning that the lower begins to demand from the upper part of the Partzuf, from Galgalta ve Eynaim, which is connected with the next Partzuf, called the Creator.


In other words, the feminine part, the lower, asks the masculine part to be connected with the Creator. All of the parts are working with an intention of bestowal. Even the Ubar wants to develop to bestowal, to adhere with the upper and continue to share in the development of the Tachtonim (lower ones).

Nobody works with its own desire; rather, all are working for the good of others, working with the desire of the others.

After that development begins in a Partzuf: three months, three months, and another three months, which is called the compartments within which the Ubar develops.

After the Partzuf finishes its full development, the womb begins to contract, meaning that the upper Partzuf begins to intentionally push the Tachton (lower one) that has been developing within it outside, and so the Tachton goes outside.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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