Questions About Work In The Group – 2

laitman_938_07Question: How do I deal with my complaints about my friend? Should I sit down with him and discuss what I don’t like, or should I keep it to myself and try to convince myself mentally that he is better?

Answer: Discuss it in the group because the Creator is giving this to you for a greater connection for His revelation in the group.

Question: Does working on the connection mean to want to feel the desires of the friends as mine? If yes, then which desires of the friends are we are talking about: all of the desires of the friends or only the desires of the friends for the Creator?

Answer: It is only the desires of the friends for the Creator.

Question: Can we say that the indication of the appearance of ten Sefirot is happiness from the unity in the group?
Answer: This is one of the accompanying sensations.

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