“The Great Fear Of A Second Wave Of Refugees”

laitman_273_02In the News (inopressa.ru): “‘If the refugee deal falls through with Turkey, we should expect a second wave of migration. And if in the beginning economists saw the mass migration as opportunities for the economy, their forecasts are now the opposite,’ writes Die Welt.

“None other than top managers and economists associated the influx of migrants with optimistic hopes. ‘People seeking protection in Germany will solve pressing problems in the country,’ they assured they German economic elite.

“Refugees would become the necessary labor force capable of maintaining the German economic ‘miracle.’ In addition, experts predicted, the young workers could be the answer to the demographic crisis threatening the nation.

“According to the survey, conducted jointly by Die Welt and consulting company Roland Berger, among first and second tier company managers, 75% of the respondents say that the flow of migrants, with an intensity comparable to last year, will become an economic burden for the country. …

“Leading economists and top managers have been forced to admit in recent months that the lion’s share of the refugees will not be backup for the labor market in Germany in the short or medium term. …

“According to IMF experts, the positive effect of the influx of refugees is expected only in the event that the applicants for refugee status would engage in a rapid process of integration. Otherwise, costs will increase and inevitably lead to protests among the population.”

My Comment: Reception should begin precisely with cultural integration, bringing people together, connecting people, which was not understood even when establishing the EU. So the problem is the same. The economists believe that it is possible to fill the labor market with machines, not people.

But the refugees have their own psychology; it defines their difference from the local population, separating them with a “wall” of misunderstanding. There is only one possible way: building a bridge of communication, connection, above the lack of understanding and even despite it. Only the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches the construction of a connection like this!

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