“Globalization Reverses”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (vestifinance.ru): “Globalization of the world economy has faced a number of difficulties since the global financial crisis in 2008, until recently it was dominated by the idea that a company should be able to do business in different continents without taking into account national specificities and circumstances, but now is receiving less support from authorities.

“…in recent years the growth of the world economy began to slow, and increasing in popularity is the idea of protection of national markets by transnational ‘sharks.’ This has a negative impact on the political mood required for transactions worldwide. First and foremost, it is evident in transatlantic trade and partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“All this is very reminiscent of the slow death of globalization, which, apparently, is only gaining momentum.”

My Comment: Everything is permeated with unwillingness to work together, but for each to grab as much as possible for itself now. Moreover, the intentions of the Americans are transparent: through Trans-Atlantic trade and investment agreements and the Trans-Pacific Partnership to bind Europe and to choke it according to the principle, “you will die today, and tomorrow me.”

But it was clear from the start that the European Union wouldn’t have future education of its members in the spirit of a united Europe. Farewell Europe!

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