“We Have Lost The Fear Of Nuclear War”

laitman_228In the News (aif.ru): “Alexei Arbatov : Alas, now really very few people can imagine a nuclear war. Within only the first few hours, 70-80 million would be killed – more than were killed in all the years of the Second World War! And then, within a few weeks the rest of the world would perish. This is what is shown by all the computer models.

“You’re right, there has been a very dangerous psychological shift: in the 25 years since the end of the Cold War, nuclear war as a real threat has been pushed out of people’s consciousness. …

“But the thing is that nuclear missiles are in fact still focused on the major cities of the potential enemy. In this sense, for 25 years, nothing has changed! The US and Russia have only a dozen other major cities. And the number of nuclear warheads each has still would be enough to erase the city to the ground, and even more than once. Think for yourself: a few dozen cities on each side and strategic nuclear weapons – about 1.5 thousand. And those 70-80 million killed in the first hours of a nuclear war – it is just the population of large cities and their hinterlands. The secondary effects – radioactive contamination, fires, the atmosphere filled with smoke – after a while would turn into a disaster for the rest of the world. …

“Therefore, neither the United States nor Russia has any chance of surviving in the event of full-scale nuclear exchange. This would also be the case for other nations, even those located somewhere in Africa or Asia. After all, the planet’s atmosphere would become opaque for many years, which would entail the collapse of all agriculture. And then, as they said during the Cold War, the survivors will envy the dead. They will die painfully in the dark from hunger and disease – in the radioactive ruins of what had recently been a civilization.”

My Comment: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, if we don’t yearn to rein in our egoism through the discovery of the Creator in time, egoism will necessarily bring us to nuclear war. After all, there is no other way than the way of suffering, of egoism, or through the Light above the ego, above our nature, ascending above it to the characteristic of bestowal and connection.

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