Legalizing Cannabis Will Bring Billions

laitman_249-01Comment: All over the world today, cannabis is being legalized. And now it is happening in London. It is expected that the country will gain a billion dollars for taxing the use of cannabis. In addition, they claim that legalizing cannabis will reduce crime and other negative repercussions.

Answer: Legalizing cannabis will calm people. When certain phenomena become so broad and reaches the people, it must be resolved. And to go against it is not realistic, simple, or wise.

Question: Then what kind of future awaits us?

Answer: Our future will be like a narcotic dream. Consumption of light drugs will be a partial medication for the state we are now entering. We experience strong pressure. We are in a huge crisis that has no solution on our level. Egoism devours itself like a snake that eats its tail. Nothing is left for us to do other than to calm and reduce it. Therefore, gradual restriction of the ego with relatively harmless drugs will be incented.

In addition, people who want to develop will aspire to attain upper spiritual goals and all the rest will remain in the same degree until the need arises in them.

We see that humanity naturally turns toward light drugs and antidepressants. They suppress their bad moods, elevate it a little with alcohol, football, and any means to kill their depression and somehow raise their spirits.

Question: According to your words, you seemingly call all the passions of this world “drugs.”

Answer: I don’t know where the line is here. In principle, a person needs to determine the limit him or herself, as long as it doesn’t harm others. Also, everything depends on his education and upbringing. If we begin to engage in education, then we will be able to reorganize the structure of relations of the global population in the best form where people will put themselves in certain frameworks and see a higher purpose; they will discern how to reach it and where to get calming influences.

Today, humanity is still not able to do without drugs. People cannot live with a goal that is still not revealed to them. They don’t understand that access to the upper state is now being opened before them. So they don’t do anything but something to extinguish the hopelessness.

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