“The Democracy Fest Is Over”

laitman_546_03In the News (svd.se): “Not even Europe and the United States are immune to the anti-democratic plague that is spreading across the world. Human rights eroded while many countries hold elections to cover up abuse, concentration of power and corruption. Belief in European cooperation and peace-building through economic integration is replaced by aggressive nationalism in country after country. …

“The dream of the end of history as a festival of democracy is over.

“Global democracy has been declining for a decade. … The third wave of democratization that began with Portugal’s democratic revolution in 1974 has now fallen ten consecutive years, and no improvement is seen on the horizon.

“Billions of people live in bondage in their states which are ruled by corrupt leaders who only care about fulfilling their hunger for power. … Laws that restrict civil rights movements are spreading throughout the world aspiring to destroy their rivals. An anti-democratic cartel in the human rights council in the UN is trying to block decisions regarding freedom of speech by visible heads.

“More and more countries cease to respect international law and bilateral agreements. Journalists are being killed much more often. Elections became a form of art mastered by numerous illegitimate leaders. Dictators love elections. …

“We must realize they force Europe to choose nationalism over internationalism, chauvinism over humanism.

“We must realize that powers that are interested in European collapse and put collective nationalistic pressure on free mass media do exist!

“Faith in the non-liberal democracy in Europe needs to be stopped. It casts long historic shadows and stimulates corruption. It is very harmful for economics and triggers violence and conflicts. Belief in non-liberal democracy undermines European collaboration and serves our enemies’ interests.”

My Comment: Since this is the time predicted by Kabbalah to realize our nature as evil, to realize that we cannot build anything better; if we do not change our nature, we will destroy ourselves. So we are left with no choice but to start the education of the population, rather than complaining about bad people trying to govern the good people…

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