Life Beyond The Boundaries Of Birth And Death, Part 4

Laitman_707Question: How do we treat the death of a loved one correctly? There was a person among us and he suddenly disappeared.

Answer: We just stop seeing him, but nothing disappears in the world. These forces remain.

Question: Is it possible to contact these forces?

Answer: It is not given to a man. It is only to the extent that we who remain living improve our actions that we help the souls of deceased people prepare themselves properly for a new purpose and a new life.

Upon returning the next time to this world in material bodies, they will behave correctly and be closer to correction, and in this way, they will complete their mission here in this world.

All souls must reach the upper world during their lives in this world, and if a person dies, then he will receive such an opportunity in the next life. Souls are going through cycles both inside their bodies and outside of them.

Question: If I lost a loved one and continue to live, how can I treat my pain and sense of loss correctly?

Answer: It is necessary to put every effort into correcting our attitude toward the world in order to be as close as possible to the love of others, which the Torah demands from us. Then, love will cover all transgressions. Through this, we definitely will help all of the people that were close to us.

In the same way, we help each other in this world; our souls help each other, too. We all are connected with each other.

Question: However, he is dead, isn’t he?

Answer: Only the body died. However, how does the body matter? We all are connected through the soul, and we are the one soul of Adam HaRishon. When we begin to feel others, we also will be able to feel the souls that are outside of the bodies.

Question: Will we be able to recognize them?

Answer: Yes, but not in the way that we imagine now.

Question: And what do we do with the pain?

Answer: The most useful thing to do in memory of a deceased person is to direct yourself toward bestowal to people. Correct yourself and reach love of others.

Nothing else will help, not money, not other forces or actions, but only good deeds for a neighbor, bestowal, and our helping people to become closer and even to love each other.

You correct yourself so that you are kind to others, otherwise this help will be egoistic. And this is possible only through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then, you will begin feeling lost loved ones, too, as forces. Actually, we all are forces.

Here, everything depends on the perception of reality and the way we see each other. It only seems to us now that we see the real picture. In fact, we see souls, but it seems to us that we see bodies. Therefore, we stop seeing a person after his death. His body disappears, and we don’t see anything apart from bodies.

If only we could see souls. The soul is a force of love and bestowal hidden within a person and almost inactive because he hasn’t developed it, and we also haven’t developed it within ourselves. Develop an ability to see a soul in yourself, and you will see it!

Question: What do I need to do to develop that in myself?

Answer: It is a desire to bestow and love the people surrounding you, and then you will be able to see those that you can’t see now.

Question: Do the deceased see us, the ones that are alive?

Answer: It is impossible to explain. Perception through the desire to bestow differs radically from the perception through egoistic desire. The Torah advises us to love others because this is the only guarantee for a good life. Try and you will see how you slowly begin to understand what happens between life and death.

It is written, “Love covers all transgressions,” meaning that above all of our crimes toward each other, we need to build a bridge of love. Then, we will move to a complete perception of reality, instead of the limited perception we have now.

Then, our grief for the dead will disappear. Eventually, we will begin looking at life through adult eyes and will see life not as the narrow seventy-year interval allocated for the life of an animal body, but eternal and perfect.

The best thing you can do in memory of the deceased is to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then, we will understand souls and bodies.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/5/16

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