It All Begins And Ends With Israel

Laitman_001_02Question: Everything begins and ends with Israel, how is it possible to explain this?

Answer: It is very simple. If not for the Jewish idea that unity is derived from the foundation of the world itself, which was discovered by the Kabbalists, then the world would exist only in the states of the still, vegetative, and animate because a human being in our world is basically a beast and no more.

He has nothing that raises him above this level. Apparently by improving everything, he is just destroying the world he lives in. So he has no advantage or preference over the beasts.

But specifically through connection and unification with others, he can rise and attain the anti-egoistic characteristic of bestowal, which balances his ego. Through a shared life and mutual connections between the two opposing characteristics, he can attain a higher nature, creating a system of mutual balance, mutual cooperation, a system of exchange, as between any two different parts, plus and minus, electron and positron.

As of today there exists only one negative characteristic in the world. The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible for a person to discover and also insert the positive characteristic into it. If we begin to place them one against the other, then a system will appear between us through which, as if through a magnifying glass, we will see the exit to the upper world. In this way we attain the possibility of managing all of creation.

Incidentally, it is specifically for this that the anti-Semites blame us, that the Jews run the world. Unfortunately they haven’t run it, even though they could have attained this state.
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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