Decision Making According to Quantum Mechanics = The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Laitman_101In the News (ScienceDaily): “A new trend taking shape in psychological science not only uses quantum physics to explain humans’ (sometimes) paradoxical thinking, but may also help researchers resolve certain contradictions among the results of previous psychological studies. …

“‘We have accumulated so many paradoxical findings in the field of cognition, and especially in decision-making,’ said Wang, who is an associate professor of communication and director of the Communication and Psychophysiology Lab at The Ohio State University.

“’Whenever something comes up that isn’t consistent with classical theories, we often label it as “irrational.” But from the perspective of quantum cognition, some findings aren’t irrational anymore. They’re consistent with quantum theory–and with how people really behave.’ …

“Their work suggests that thinking in a quantum-like way¬–essentially not following a conventional approach based on classical probability theory–enables humans to make important decisions in the face of uncertainty, and lets us confront complex questions despite our limited mental resources. …

“Quantum cognition is what happens when humans have to deal with ambiguity mentally. Sometimes we aren’t certain about how we feel, or we feel ambiguous about which option to choose, or we have to make decisions based on limited information. …

“As we mull over our options, we envision them in our mind’s eye. For a time, all the options co-exist with different degrees of potential that we will choose them: That’s superposition. Then, when we zero in on our preferred option, the other options cease to exist for us.

“The task of modeling this process mathematically is difficult in part because each possible outcome adds dimensions to the equation. …

“With the quantum approach, Wang and her colleagues argued, many different and complex aspects of behavior can be explained with the same limited set of axioms.”

My Comment: We are not the ones who make decisions. Our only decision is whether to be integrated in unity by using the power of the right environment, which we can construct by ourselves.

It is only in this way that we can determine all of our other decisions, whiich are absolutely derivatives of this one free decision. See the article, “The Freedom” by Baal HaSulam. In other words, the principle of superposition says that we determine our actions to the degree of their resemblance (accommodation) to the higher categorical principle of the characteristic of bestowal, connection, and love.

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