The Future Supermarket

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Every year about 700 tons of food is discarded in Denmark. Now for the first time in history, a new type of supermarket opened in Denmark’s capital that sells food waste: expired food or damaged packaging at a price that is 30%-50% cheaper than the usual price. People say that this is the future of the world.

Answer: Basically everything we consume today is so synthetic, made of plastic, paper, and wood it isn’t clear how they can have an expiration date.

You can add something to a product and not put an expiration date on it at all and open the box or can a few years later, and it is the same. There won’t even be any bacteria or bugs in it because the product is inedible for them. It is edible for people but not for them. I am sure that if we gave animals what we eat, they wouldn’t touch half of what we eat.

Question: Do you believe that these supermarkets will last for a long time? After all, pretty soon all these products will have no expiration date.

Answer: I don’t believe these supermarkets have a future. We will probably reach the “victory” of the human mind and preserve everything with no expiring date. If we take tomatoes, for example, which were once raised under normal conditions and tomatoes that are raised under the current conditions, the tomatoes of the past wouldn’t even make it to the supermarket, while today’s tomatoes lie on the shelves for a month and nothing happens to them. You can even play football with them and then eat them. So this whole idea is no longer relevant today.

Question: Is the system of using these surpluses relevant?

Answer: Of course, because although there are no natural elements in our food anymore, and there are preservatives and different additives, we are still alive. So what difference does it make what our food contains or not. We see that people live on it and that is enough. In the past people lived until the age of 40 and today they live until the age of 80.

Question: What can you say about that from a Kabbalist’s perspective?

Answer: I am speaking from this perspective, because if our body can digest all this today and exist, there is no need to complain and demand what we had 40 years ago. 40 years ago we did not have the medicines we have today and people lived until the age of 40. Today, on the other hand, they swallow pills and live until the age of 80.

It is the same with our food. In the past we ate fresh tomatoes directly from the garden to our plate because they would already begin to rot by the next day. Today the tomatoes look beautiful even after a month and they are transported by planes to countries all over the world. There is nothing we can do about it, this is our development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/28/16

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