“The Death Of Money”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (fondsk.ru):The central banks of the leading Western nations are flooding the global economy with money. … Money [interest rates] is not only very low, it has become almost free. …

“Today money cannot measure the cost or the price of goods and services. A striking example – the price of oil, which may change several times during the year. The fact is that oil prices were measured using a tool that only by inertia we call money. In fact, it is a banal tool of speculation, manipulation and redistribution of wealth in favor of the owners of money – those who control the printing presses. Without exaggeration, we can say that today we are witnessing the death of money.

“Companies in the fields of industrial production, agriculture, construction, and transport cannot make long-term investments, long-term contracts, or engage in research and development. They cannot even engage in normal trade. … Modern producers are in a position that our ancestors were thousands of years ago when there was no such universal medium of exchange as money.

“Naturally producers are trying to adapt to the era of the death of money by building new economic relations. These new relationships are called in various ways: …

– Pure barter, which does not involve the use of money in any form;
– Partial barter, which is designed to minimize the use of official money;
– Barter based on the use of alternative money, that is money that does not have official status.”

My Comment: In the future there will be a rational allocation of necessary and sufficient products and services that can be acquired in any store or service point

by recording the acquisition on the account of every citizen by means of a code. Subject to the successful participation of each one in a daily system of compulsory public education and necessary work according to its distribution.

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  1. Herr Laitman,
    If no money and just alocated stuffs products and services, how will you get your 10% to be happy? or others to get to god? as you say if you dont pay you dont go.

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