Jews Are To Blame For Anti-Semitism

laitman_547_06In the News ( “According to a study conducted by the French Fund for Judaism, 6 out of 10 French people believe that the Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism. Within a few days, [the French Fund for Judaism] surveyed more than a thousand Frenchmen as to whether they believe that Jews are at least partially responsible for the anti-Semitism in France.

“An affirmative answer to this question is 59%, with 3% expressed confidence that on the Jews is a ‘very large share of’ responsibility, and 14% said their share was ‘substantial.’ More than half of respondents said that the Jews have a lot of power, and that they are richer than the French average. 13% admitted that, in their opinion, France has too many Jews, even though according to statistics the number of the Jewish community is only 1% of the population.”

My Comment: The anti-Semites are right: the Jews are to blame for the hatred against them. The hatred of Jews is both natural and real, and exists in places where there aren’t even any Jews and in places where they don’t even know what a Jew is.

This is because the hatred toward them stems from nature itself, from the Creator, because in relation to the Creator, the Jews who aren’t corrected, are in opposition to Him.

If they would change and reach the opposite state, i.e., bestowal, connection, and love between themselves and toward others, then in accordance, the hatred of the Creator would immediately turn into love for them. This is mentioned many times in the Torah.

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