“Failure As A Driver Of Success”

Laitman_002In the News (Harvard Business Review): “Among the old winemakers there is a saying: ‘So that the vine will become beautiful, it must suffer’. Before you get a great wine, they subject the vine to stress, moistening the ground to the limit of the survival of the vineyard. After the vineyard goes through a ‘test’ like this, the grapes produce wines that are complex, delicate and select.

“In the Japanese and Chinese languages, the character for the term ‘catastrophe’ has the double meaning of failure and new possibilities.”

My Comment: This means the use of stress, up to disasters, develops new growth opportunities. It has been said: “Whom the Creator loves He sends hardships.”

Kabbalah explains it simply: because our egoistic nature is opposite to the Creator, the property of love, our goal in life is to change ourselves to similarity with the Creator. The Creator sends us adversity that forces us to change. Otherwise the ego would not budge. It is perfectly observed in the history of Jewish people.

Our methodology of Kabbalah quickly and correctly helps us understand the pressure of the Creator and use it for “new opportunities” of development into a likeness of the Creator.

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