A Spiritual Person

laitman_214Question: In your opinion, who can consider himself a spiritual person?

Answer: This is someone who transcends himself with the help of the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah, creating within him a new feeling called a “soul.” A person who does this, perceives spiritual substance through the characteristic of bestowal, meaning not within himself but outside of himself. In our world there are few people like these, nobody recognizes them, they are not revealed to anyone, and don’t teach anyone.

The only organization that is seriously involved with this is Kabbalah La’Am (Kabbalah for the People), which acts as an international Kabbalah Education Center, setting for itself the goal of teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah to other people because it receives this mission from above. We try to create the right conditions so that every person who wants to attain a spiritual state and feel the world outside of him can do this.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/21/16

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