Communism In China

Laitman_002Question: The Communist Party in China conducts a yearly educational campaign for members of the party who number around 88 million.

In support of the party it is said that, “it is up to the members of the party to think and act in full accord with the policy guidelines of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. They must work tenaciously to serve the people and contribute their share to social progress and economic development.”

Will they be able to hold and maintain this line in the new world?

Answer: The point is not whether they will be able to hold onto this line or not. Rather it is that there is no alternative. What kind of alternative can they show to America, Europe, or Russia? There aren’t any examples in the world that China can follow. And why would it change itself? A traditional attitude toward the people, toward themselves, and toward the nation normally fits into this infrastructure.

Comment: That is, this is a method for freezing what works according to the principle that one shouldn’t touch something that works.

Answer: That is the best thing. It is impossible otherwise. They are leading very correctly. The Chinese are serious and pragmatic people for which there is only this life in its most material and normal sustainable way. That is what they are trying to implement.

Question: On the other hand, it seems that their principles are very close to the principles of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Essentially in what way do they differ?

Answer: I do not believe that their policies are built on an aspiration to unite the people.

Comment: But in the accepted document it is said that they must work tenaciously to serve the people and contribute their part to social and economic progress.

Answer: This is said in the interior for the Communist Party, not for the people, and therefore the people are not engaged with this. The people simply know that they must exist in these frameworks, otherwise it will go out of control. The Communist Party of China is a very serious purposeful organization.

Naturally, there is no connection with Kabbalistic principles through which people realize the need for unity above egoism, which is what devours them and separates them. This still doesn’t exist in China because their egoism is found on a very low level. So the residents of the nation are still far from sensing a need to realize Kabbalistic principles.

I do not believe that China will independently join those nations for whom the wisdom of Kabbalah is imperative for realizing the unity of the people.

Question: But at some point they will join the others. After all, isn’t it said, “…for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33)?

Answer: Right, but it depends by what means. In the meantime, they have no general, balanced, or vast ego that requires healing and repair with the help of the Upper Light.

Question: Who is standing first in the chain of correction?

Answer: The Jews throughout the world are first. This cannot be taken from us. We are the most egoistic people in this world; in this we are ahead of all of humanity. And after us are all the developed nations in the world, the Europeans and the Americans.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/1/16

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