A Chinese Dream

laitman_600_04Opinion (about the book by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, “Xi Jinping – Political Management”): “Jinping presents quite an ethnic-national version of Marxism.

“The Chinese people are the inheritors of a unique civilization, fate prepared them to take a unique position in this world, a position that embodies human kindness. In the opinion of Jinping, China will become strong, democratic, and harmonious with a developed culture. Poverty, corruption, a polluted atmosphere and ethnic conflicts will not remain there”.

My Comment: I think that the Chinese dream seems idealistic, like its prototype—the American Dream. Jinping still sees China behind the Great Wall of China, where Chinese successes don’t depend upon the world situation. This is completely opposite to the trends in development in all of nature, and especially human society.

So all the elements of such a policy have no foundation. China needs to show itself as a good rallying point for all of humanity, and only then will it have a great future! It will leap over the Great Wall of China that is between it and all the nations of the world, showing an example for all peoples!

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