Internal and External, Part 2

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Question: You published an article based on Baal HaSulam’s “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that talks about the internal and external parts of the people of Israel will undoubtedly cause resentment among religious people.

Will it trigger correction of the whole system and strengthen the inner part of the Torah relative to the external?

Answer: Baal HaSulam divided the people of Israel into the internal and external parts. The inner part is the people who are engaged in the internal part of the Torah with the intention for the sake of bestowal, i.e., Kabbalah. It brings us to loving our neighbor as ourselves. But the external part applies solely to those who observe commandments without intention.

If we study Kabbalah, we are on the path of the Light and benevolence. If we restrict ourselves to merely physical observance of the commandments, then we move from disaster to disaster as evidenced by the  ordeals endured by the people of Israel during the exile.

We want all the people of Israel to hear about this fact. It is very important that each person who has the opportunity to join the study of the internal Torah, i.e., Kabbalah, and attract the Returning Light to the people of Israel and through them to the entire world.

The article you mentioned will definitely cause a negative reaction, but it is difficult to remain silent. When we see a sick person who needs an urgent surgery, someone has to take a scalpel and perform the operation to extract a harmful tumor. Does a surgeon cause our indignation because he cuts the patient?

If we acted differently, we’d be like a little boy who cried when he saw a tailor “ruining” the fabric with scissors to make a suit.

Our current state requires correction, and pity is misplaced here. We need to understand where we are at this point. Nowadays, people are already prepared to listen. Time have changed since the Pharaoh resented Moses who in his opinion “excited” the Jewish people, rather than letting them work quietly for the Pharaoh. At this time, we are obligated to do our job as Moses and Aaron.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/15, Lesson on the Topic: “Selections from the Source on the Topic of Connection Between Internality and Externality in the Torah to Israel’s Redemption”

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