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Baal HaSulam writes that the entire universe, all worlds are divided into internal and external parts. That’s why a separation into internality and externality also exists in this material world.

All internal parts in all worlds are connected with each other throughout the pyramid, from top to bottom. Each of its steps contains the internal and external parts. All of them are enclosed into each other as a telescopic tube in a way that the external part of the higher level impacts the internal part of the level beneath. This is how this process flows from top to bottom.

This spiritual construction reflects on our material world. This explains why this world is also divided into the internal part called Israel and the external layer, the nations of the world.

Israel is those Babylonians that united around Abraham on the basis of loving their neighbors as themselves, those who strived to become similar to nature, the general system of life. Other Babylonians who didn’t follow Abraham are called the seventy nations of the world.

Israel also splits into internal and external parts. The inner part are those implementing the main principle discovered by Abraham defined by the concept of “Israel(Yashar-El), “directly to the Creator”, meaning those who strived to love their neighbors as themselves. This state can be reached by studying the science of Kabbalah that triggers the Reforming Light, the Light that returns to the source.

But the external part of Israel, are those who engage in the external activities, physical observance of commandments without the intention of loving their neighbors as themselves. There also is a secular part of Israel that follows neither the internal or external aspects of the Torah.

The nations of the world also have their internal part, the righteous who strive to commit good deeds, and the external part, those who elicit adversities and damages. So, where is the central,element that determines how to move all of humanity to complete correction, the final goal of creation?

It is possible to advance forcibly under the blows of nature that guide us, give us direction, and crushes us between its millstones. We see that nature doesn’t have mercy; rigid and immutable laws govern us. Judgment and mercy rule the world. They push us to pursue the goal. The natural path of advancement is coordinated by the program inbuilt in nature, “in due time.”

But it is possible to engage in the process of correction voluntarily, and advance faster, “accelerating time,” thus escaping blows and affliction. Such a possibility is presented to humanity by the internal part of Israel that attracts the Surrounding Light, meaning by those who study the science of Kabbalah. Only they are capable of expediting human development so that the entire world reaches the goal of creation by a good path.

That’s why the people who belong to “Israel,” meaning Abraham’s group, who are able to bring the entire world to benevolence, but do not do so, are the ones who trigger misfortunes upon themselves and the others. The entire world is suffering and hates them for that; they want to destroy them since humanity subconsciously senses that these people do not fulfill their mission, and, on the contrary, harm others.

If the group named “Israel” acts correctly, meaning attracts the Surrounding Light, the Light will flow through them to the rest of humanity. It is the goal of creation, since the Creator strives to please everybody so that “they shall all know Him, from the least of them unto the greatest of them…”

If it happens, the entire world will support Israel and the nations of the world will be on the side of those who chose the path of the Light and the acceleration of time. Then, those engaged in studying Kabbalah will acquire everybody’s gratitude and support. The entire world will help them to achieve the best state ever.

This is what Baal HaSulam writes at the end of his Introduction to The Book of Zohar. Now that you know about this, the decision is yours.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/15, Lesson on the Topic: “Selections from the Source on the Topic of Connection Between Internality and Externality in the Torah to Israel’s Redemption”

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