A Head Transplant

Laitman_127Question: Sergio Canavero, an Italian surgeon, plans to perform a complicated human head transplant, following experiments that have been carried out on apes in the US. According to the Italian doctor, the first operation on a human being will be performed within two years’ time. Do you believe that this is possible?

Answer: Why not? A head transplant is merely a technical issue, that’s all. If they don’t solve this issue now, it will happen in another 10 to 20 years.

I remember the first human heart transplant that was performed in South Africa in 1967. Everyone held their breath and waited to see whether the person in whose body that heart was planted would begin to think differently. We have very primitive ideas regarding the human body, and we think that there is some spirit living in it and that it is transferred to another along with a heart or liver.

Question: Still, the idea of a head transplant is a bit scary.

Answer: Yes, the head is the major part of the body. The thoughts that come from the head control the body.

Question: How do the thoughts come to the head?

Answer: This is a different matter altogether. There must be a different kind of transplant here. We need to connect to the upper modem in order to do so and learn to receive signals from the upper mind. This is a flight in a totally different class.

There is actually nothing in the head except for grey matter. The head is like a computer that is fed by the outside world, and there is nothing else inside of it. If you study the head, you will find nothing there since our knowledge is not inside our head, but is external to us, just as all of reality is external to us. We are merely vessels that perceive what is in space and nothing more.

We need to get into this space to the level where all of the information is: energy, knowledge, and most importantly properties. The attributes are the most important part because the information, energy, and knowledge are technical entities, while the attributes belong to the upper level of nature called the Creator. The uppermost attribute is the attribute of love. However, in order to penetrate the attributes, a person needs to undergo the special training that is studied by Kabbalists, the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The work of attaining the Creator’s attributes is replacing the head, which a person performs during his lifetime in this world without any transplants. It isn’t a transplant but a gradual ascent to the level of the upper information, the upper properties. I invite anyone who is interested in that to come and study.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/5/16

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