By The Re-Birth Of The Old World

 Question: The current economic system does not meet people’s needs. More than half of the world’s population lives in dire economic conditions and only about a billion people enjoy the affluence and richness of the world.

Moreover, economic development, which is the basis of capitalist civilizations, has practically ceased to function.

At the same time there is another type of economy such as robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. Can we say that the alternative economy will be the basis of the new economy? And what it will be like after the transformation of humanity into the new humanity?

Answer: I think it will be a transition from a qualitative perspective. It isn’t about the economy, not about ecology, but about humanity existing according to different principles, on another level.

It will live in the attainment of another external dimension. The new perception will not be revealed in our five corporeal egoistic senses, as we feel the world around us now.

When we unite on the new level, we will begin to develop feelings that will depict the picture of the world external to us, but it will not be through our corporeal senses which make us feel this world in such a narrow, blurred, and limited way.

The new world will be totally different: a world of forces and properties, not objects and phenomena that are depicted in our egoistic imagination. Then our economy, our culture, and all our life will take on a totally different meaning, an “extra-corporeal” meaning.

We will turn into creatures that will not need any material things, properties, attributes, environment, etc. We will be nourished by energy that is based on synergy, on mutual cooperation, on the balance between the positive and negative forces of nature and will exist between them.

The next level of humanity will not be a corporeal level but a level of thoughts, intentions, and energies. So I don’t think there will be anything left of our economy or our ecology, or our society. We need to be reborn, and this rebirth will be expressed in exiting ourselves into the new perception of the world external to us.

Comment: If that’s the way it will be, then there is no point speaking about the future technological advancements.

Answer: No. It will all die and become meaningless. Even today we are not particularly limited in our abilities. And what do they tell us?  The only thing humanity succeeds in is suffering.

Therefore, all the good things we could gain through economic or technological capabilities do not make us happy. We don’t feel a need for them. People today use drugs mainly in order to distract themselves; they don’t want to get married or have children; it is as if a person screams inside himself: “Leave me alone with all your technologies. I’m not interested in this life!”

I hope we will provide people with the answer to the question of what this life is really about. First humanity has to listen to and understand this and then think about how to reorganize life, since otherwise people will not want to live.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/29/15

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  1. What will happen when the artificial intelligence begins to ponder It’s own existence, and then begins to demand a spiritual existence for itself?

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