The Economics Of The New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you think that the current crisis is economic or financial?

Answer: In general, I think there is a big difference between economists and financiers who only think where to invest the capital in order to profit the most.

Economics studies the interaction between the producers, distributors, and consumers of different economic sectors, the connection between consumers and manufacturers, and describes the supply and demand. Because it’s a reflection of the egoistic connections between us, economics (as a result of its development and understanding of the new integral interaction between all producers and consumers) has to describe the new structure of their mutual relationships.

It has to characterize this new system in the form of a balanced system of relationships, the middle line, a society of reasonable consumption that produces all that’s necessary for a comfortable existence of every individual, according to their specific needs, but not more than that, and that reaches and maintains the balance between each person’s bestowal to society and his or her consumption (reception).

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  1. Someone said that economists were invented to release the shame weighing on weather people. Now they can share together the burden of being totally incapable of forecasting anything true -.

  2. It’s simple and complex at the same time .The world economies must take into account the political way of a new creative mundial awareness which will give the perfect balance between basic needs of peoples and a new better creative initiative toward a mundial situation of “non war “and later stable peace.

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