Which Is The Happiest Nation In The World?

laitman_228Question: Which nation is the happiest nation in the world?

Answer: The happiest people are the Papuans (the inhabitants of New Guinea), who walk around half naked and don’t think about anything but hunting in order to eat. It says in Pirkei Avot: “He who has more assets has more worries,” and “the more you know, the more you suffer.”

Question: How can we become the happiest nation in the world?

Answer: The happiest nation is the nation that will be in accordance with the plan of creation: advancing in the same pace, in the same direction, according to the instructions from above that spread in nature and which nature fulfills in us. If we precede the instructions from above and fulfill them by understanding them, nature will not pressure us in any way and will not push us from behind and be forced to place obstacles before us. In that case, we will live in heaven on earth: a wonderful climate, a wonderful socialistic society, abundance, life free of diseases, everything we can only wish for! We will see that people are happy to meet us and we will be happy to meet them, and everything will be balanced. Nature that is totally balanced in all its parts is heaven on earth.

However, all that can be fulfilled only if we understand how the upper law is fulfilled, how it pressures us systematically and leads us somewhere, and if we begin to change by ourselves before it brings down the upper influence on us. Therefore it says in the Torah, that the Creator created the ego that should push us forward, but if we use the force called the Torah or the Light of correction from above, in addition to the ego, we will be able to correct the ego by it in advance, and thus will not feel any impulses or negative pressures in it but only positive ones. You will actually look for how to use and fulfill the ego by yourself, in order to advance independently. This is called freedom!

But it isn’t the same freedom when you don’t know what to do and you jump in every direction like a child who runs around in a room. Freedom means understanding the thought of creation, understanding its wonderful goal, when you can advance towards it independently, by yourself, and not by being spurred to do so.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 8/5/15

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