Let’s Disseminate!

laitman_268_01Question: How does our dissemination qualitatively develop our desire?

Answer: It is thanks to the dissemination that I become one who bestows. There is no other action in our world that can make me resemble the Creator except dissemination.

I go somewhere in the evening and have a workshop there, a lecture, talk to people and gradually bring them closer to one another, encouraging them to think about the meaning of life, and telling them how we can improve our corporeal life.

Our corporeal life is only an excuse to participate in mutual bestowal. After all, the whole world is just an excuse, the internal motive to start building the right relationships above it. I tell people how we will be able to get rid of all our troubles and problems thanks to the right relations between us.

They care about what will happen to them in this world. They want me to draw a picture of the wonderful tomorrow for them and I have to draw for them the wonderful future we will have if we are more connected to one another. Having no other choice, it is a compromise for people, and the means to improve their corporeal future, while for me the corporeal life is temporary and only the stimulus, the excuse, the reason, to ascend to spiritual states.

This means that our goals and means are opposite from those of the public, but this is the difference between the levels: for me this is the state on the upper level and for them it is different on the lower level. But I perceive their corporeal desires and in order to fulfill them I suggest that they establish better relations between us and people already begin to think about improving the relations between them since without this our corporeal life will not improve.

I use their desire to correct the relations between everyone and actually raise them to my level. From my level, I already raise these desires to the level of the relations between people that belongs to the thought of creation and ask the Creator to give us the power to overcome the obstacles so that the connection between us will heal the painful wounds of humanity. After all, the fact that they feel blows is a sign of the lack of connection between us. Thus everyone reaches a state of harmony. An ordinary person reaches a certain level of connection with others and a corporeal filling. I get a chance to bestow unto them and thus to bestow unto the Creator, and the Creator enjoys! This means that all these three levels have advanced in the right direction. Thus I intensify the glory of the Creator in the world.

So let’s disseminate! But before we subdue ourselves before this action and delve into clarifications in order to understand exactly:

  • Why we do it,
  • What people want,
  • Why we have to absorb their desires,
  • How we can make sure that we will provide them with a good life only if we are connected,
  • How I begin to feel that I have to bring people the right filling,
  • Why I need the group in order to do that, since otherwise I will not be able to fulfill my role in dissemination,
  • How we need the Creator in this matter.

I actually go out to ordinary people who complain about their corporeal problems and finally I feel that without the Creator’s help I am totally lost. The people format this deficiency in me—the need for the Creator! After all, I see that I cannot give them anything by myself if the Creator doesn’t help me.

Thus we actually connect to the upper force by the people, and therefore, we have to really appreciate our work in dissemination since it actually gives us an opportunity for a spiritual ascent.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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