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laitman_933Question: Do the Jews have to become teachers for all people who want the wisdom of connection?

Answer: Certainly, it is said that Israel will be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, and through them all the nations of the world will be blessed. In other words, the Jews will become teachers for the nations of the world in the wisdom of connection and the unification of all of humanity so that, with this unity, the higher power will be revealed. But this will happen only after they first reconstruct this method for themselves. Only then can they transmit it to everyone else.

Above all, they must discover the spiritual consciousness latent in them, reaching a permanent state of connection between them and becoming a single whole, and then they can explain, teach and transmit this characteristic to their students. But even if the Jews were to reach unity and not be involved with others, the 70 nations would be drawn into agreement with them. The essence of the method is not in sitting and studying it. It is the unity of mutual penetration, adhesion, connection, closeness with each other, and internal reciprocity when they begin to feel themselves as a single, unified whole. Their egoistic desires will begin to melt just like pieces of iron or gold, becoming a single mass.

Question: But for any modern person this seems frightening because this signifies the loss of his “self.”

Answer: On the contrary, the person acquires his self because he is united with all of humanity. His self grows eight billion times, and this will be his eternal and perfected self.
From KabTV’s “Last Generation” 6/4/15

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