Guiding The World Towards The Good

laitman_936Comment: Historians began to speak about the appearance of anti-Semitism not long before the destruction of the second Temple. But even before then a particular hostility toward the Jews existed. But true anti-Semitism appeared specifically at the moment that the Jews began to scatter all over the world.

Answer: Anti-Semitism appeared when the Jews shattered the good connections between them. Hatred towards them appeared precisely at this moment because they stopped being the source of good in the world.

As long as they were connected, the good force reached the world through them. The moment that they lost this connection in the time of Rabbi Akiva, in the period of the destruction of the second Temple, the world began to sink into darkness, and simultaneously hatred towards the Jews began to increase.

And rightly so, because when we don’t carry out our role, we convey a force to the world that unites them in common hatred towards us. But if we connect and unite above all the contradictions between us, we guide humanity towards the good.

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From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/4/15

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