Get Off The Stretcher And Run

laitman_562_02Question: What can a person do to fill the “concealment” void with bestowal?

Answer: A person must move the concealment from himself to “There is none else beside Him,” meaning not to be sorry for himself but for the “sorrow of the Shechina (Divinity).” He must feel how much he is now harming the group through the absence of his role. For the friends must continue their journey hauling his “body” on a stretcher.

I must understand that in this way I am a burden on them and must feel responsibility and shame also. It is clear that we don’t reach an understanding like this immediately but gradually. Rather, this is ultimately done with the help of the group and the Creator. So the “sorrow of the Shechina (Divinity),” means she is sorry because I am not participating properly in the general work.

The group is a concept that already exists in spirituality. If we were to discover spirituality, we would see that the group heart and mind already exist. We still don’t see this because the time has not yet arrived, but all this already exists. And so we discover that the mutual guarantee, the feeling, the reason, and the discovery of the Creator already exist in this state. This is something that exists above us and each one must support the others so that together, only through the intensity of the connection between us, we reach a structure of the group that already exists.

Question: What is it that we see when we look through the center of the group?

Answer: I see that everyone is connected except for me. And it is up to me to penetrate even further into the group and link to them; it is up to me to see this as a daily goal. I get up in the morning and check what is important to do today: arranging my relationship with the group better than it was yesterday so that at the end of the day I will be able to say that I advanced a little in the right direction.

If I don’t feel myself cut off from the group, I will not succeed in attracting the Light that Reforms. It is up to me to feel that we must renew and strengthen this connection to strengthen our Kli, to develop its effectiveness, growth, and quality and make it possible for the Creator to be revealed in it even more.

It is not important that we haven’t yet discovered what kind of contentment we are giving the Creator. Does an infant understand how much his mother and father enjoy his smile? Our advancement is measured only in this way. We can ask for the Light that Reforms only when the connection between us, that we ourselves are not ready to attain, is missing.

It is clear that I am not ready to do anything myself and I discover to my amazement that I am going forward in the opposite direction. But this is for the good. It is now only up to me to understand this and advance towards prayer. Don’t shout about it being bad for me; this is childish.

The Creator pushes me so that I will discover a deficiency in bringing Him pleasure, not for myself. He arranges all the conditions for me to reach bestowal.

Question: Can I ask for the Light that Reforms for myself?

Answer: Certainly; after all, you want to get off the stretcher so they will not need to haul you because you are ashamed. You want to run side by side with the friends yourself.

Question: How do I know that I am receiving the Light that Reforms as an answer to my prayer and that it is working on me?

Answer: There is no need to wait for proof of it. Just enjoy the request itself. You don’t need to be concerned about an answer to your prayer for that means you are demanding a reward, a fulfillment; you are establishing conditions and want to make a deal with the Creator to attain benefit.

Your goal is to raise MAN, a prayer. For specifically it is through Manna (Man-Ohm) we are filled in the desert and not by MAD (the Light). The prayer itself must be the fulfillment. If you are raising it, it is already good for you, “I am my beloved’s” (Song of Songs 6:3). The prayer itself is the reward. You will then discover that you don’t need more than this, for spirituality is discovered specifically this way.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/14

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