They Are Already Tired Of Waiting For Us On The Second Floor, Part 1

laitman_940We are a result of the shattering that has left such a breach between us that no one feels anyone else, although all of humanity is part of everyone’s soul. No one can imagine that we are one soul and that we have to correct the relations between us to such an extent that there will be no difference between the way a person feels himself and the way he feels others.

What is more, we have to reach “love thy friend as thyself.” I should love others more than I love myself just as I love myself now by making myself stand out among others. This means that I have to totally ascend above my desire to receive and to see the whole true reality.

We keep on failing in this work, and so we have to constantly help one another and spur each other on. A person cannot awaken himself; only the friends can awaken him to connection.

The connection has to be whole, and it is from this whole connection that we learn and attain the Creator’s attributes. It is because we can never learn the actual phenomenon that takes place in our vessels but only the impressions and the feeling a certain phenomenon invokes in us and the actual vessels.

The soul is filled with Light, yet we don’t feel the actual Light but rather the reaction of the vessel to it, the impression of the vessel. It is just like how instruments in our world work: the dial in an instrument moves and the instrument responds to the effect of a certain force. We identify and see its reactions and attribute it to the force that operates in the instrument.

We don’t feel the actual force, but only the response of the instrument to a certain unknown influence. This is how we discover the Creator, through the feeling and the impression of the vessel from His presence. This means that the filling of the vessel is also vessels, letters, in addition to the initial HaVaYaH.

These additional letters are like a code, a key that stands for every filling in the vessel. It is as if there is a dial that moves in this vessel or numbers on a counter. This means that we can never feel the Light itself, but feel and notice the changes that the Light performs on us.

We measure these changes, feel and count them and then we call these changes Light. We have no access to the Light itself since the Light is already the actual upper force.

Therefore, we should understand that the revelation of the Creator is a certain kind of vessel, the impression in a vessel. We have to study and to reveal how the vessel should be impressed and how it should respond, how it has to prepare itself so that it will be sensitive enough and ready for the revelation of the Upper Light in it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/2/14, Writing of Rabash

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