The Whole World Is Ancient Babylon

laitman_944Question: Recently, you gave a series of lectures in the United States. Who was your audience?

Answer: My audience is ancient Babylon from where Abraham wanted to take all the people and bring them to the next level of existence.

We do not divide anyone by their skin color nor on any other grounds; we relate to all of humanity exactly in the same manner. After all, who are the Jews? They are those who in their desire try to find the meaning of life followed by Abraham. There are millions of such people today.

Question: Do you believe that the Jewish people are chosen?

Answer: By the Jewish people, I mean those who are descendants of the Babylonians who followed Abraham and created the people on the basis of the rule of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” i.e., connected to each other, and those who today aspire to attain the upper existence as once did the disciples of Abraham. And it does not depend on skin color.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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