Advancing By Blows

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash describes a person’s spiritual ascent and he brings the example of a two story building: On the first floor there are the friends and on the second floor there is the Creator. We have to unite with the friends so that we will have one heart, one desire, one intention. If everyone lowers his head and annuls himself, if our internality is one collective, we create a system that is adapted to bestowal.

At the same time, we lack the actual power of bestowal, but we do our best to keep the connections among us. Even if we know that we won’t be able to fulfill this, we still do our best to keep the intensity. We mustn’t stop here, we can’t cross the finish line and sit and wait until the Light comes. On the contrary, we must constantly exert ourselves in order to reach the center, which means that everyone annuls himself with regard to the collective goal.

In the center there are all our sparks, all the desires that are aimed at mutual bestowal and mutual love. If we aim correctly at the desirable attribute in order to bestow upon the Creator by it, to give it to Him as a present, then the Reforming Light, which builds the attribute of bestowal, comes into the center, into our mutual connection, into our unity.

In other words, we reveal the Light of Hochma in the Light of Hassadim. Thus the divine attribute Elokim is connected with the structure of HaVaYaH, and it is in this connection between the created being and the Creator that the Light of Hochma can be revealed. The Creator Himself is the Light of Hassadim, and Hochma is bestowal that is aimed at the one who works for it.

Question: Can we compare our conventions to the first floor of the building Rabash talks about?

Answer: Not only with the first floor. In our general global unity, in the global vessel, we want to rise to the second floor too. If I am going to the convention in Brazil, it doesn’t mean that I am not in other places as well. We are all connected to one desire. The moment the first floor is built, the second floor is immediately created as well, and the Light from it descends and lands into the ready vessel.

And so, along with our daily work in tightening our mutual connection, we should advance towards the crucial state in which the final blow is given.

The Torah tells us how the stage of the exile ends: After many troubles and blows, we reach freedom. Therefore our blows in the conventions are the “plagues of Egypt.” Everything is in concealment and in the dark and we cannot tell them apart, but later we will discover this.

So we gather here in order to strike our ego, to neutralize, and to annul it by these blows of connection and dissemination and by being ready for redemption. I look at these actions as the last steps before we reach freedom.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/12, Writings of Rabash

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